Path of Vision - Panthea

Nicoletta Argyropoulos

"Was mir gegeben, gebe ich gerne weiter..."

Gründerin & Organisatorin von Path of Vision / Path of Vision-Panthea
Founder & organizer of Path of Vision /Path of Vision-Panthea

Ich bin psychologische-spirituell-energetische Beraterin. Seit über 20 Jahren (seit 1994), befasse und arbeite ich mit Räucherwaren, biete entsprechende energetische Hausreinigungen, Einzel- wie auch Gruppenkurse, individuelle "massgeschneiderte" Räuchermischungen, Beratungen, Rituale, Energie-Beratungen, u.ä.
Brücken bauen, altes Wissen aufleben lassen und in neuem Gewand zurück ins Bewusstsein der Menschen zu holen, Kulturen der Welt durch Unity Gatherings (c) verbinden, "im Dienste" der spirituellen Welten zu sein und Seminare, Workshops und Vorträge zu halten... das sind ein paar der Puzzlestücke meines Weges.
Seit 2014 war ich Mitglied, des in Amerika gegründetem "WaterSongline Council", welcher leider mittlerweile aufgelöst wurde.
Ich wurde schamanisch zur Hohepriesterin des (seit Kindheit an) tief in mir verbundenem, heiligen Berg Pilion, in Hellas, initiiert.
Dies erwähne ich dankbar und demütig zugleich nur an dieser Stelle, da es zu meinem Weg gehört, nicht aber, weil ich Titel sonderlich beachte.

Zusammen mit Iris Delphinia sind wir die Hüter, eines hl. Hains, des Berges, welches uns durch die einzigartige Kaminshu Schamanin aus Okinawa, Kazumi, eröffnet und dargelegt wurde.
Sprachen in denen ich Vorträge, Seminare und Workshops halten kann: Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch, Englisch und Hellenisch (mit etwas Unterstützung von Iris Delphinia.)
Ich biete:
> Energieanpassung - Energy adaption
> Heiliger Rauch - Sacred incenses
> (c) our hellenic 4-hands Body session
> Zeremonien - Ceremonies


I am a psychological-spiritual- energetic counselor. For over 20 years (since 1994) I work with incenses, offering cleansings, individual as well as group workshops, individual mixtures, consultations and more. I follow the call of my soul and received a lot of the higher realms.
Building bridges, reviving ancient knowledge, uniting the cultures of the world through Unity Gatherings, being of service for the Spirit realms offering seminaries, lectures and workshops.... these are some parts of my path.
Since Aug. 2014 I was a member of the WaterSongline Council, based in the US, which unfortunately has been disbanded in the meantime.

I have been initiated and called shaman/high priestess of the sacred mt. Pelion in Hellas (& Hellas).

I am mentioning this as a part of my path, but I am not someone who uses titles. But I humbly accept and respect them, as I am deeply connected with this area since childhood.

Together with Iris Delphinia we are the guardians of a sacred place of the spirit-realms on mt. Pelion. (I respectfully mention, that this has been opened for us through the Okinawan Kaminshu shaman, Kazumi)

Languages I can hold retreats, Workshops and consultations:
German, Swiss German, English, Hellenic language (= with some support of Iris Delphina)
Thank you
Blessings your ways!

Iris Delphinia

"I always follow my intuition and that´s what I share."

Co-Organizer & Co-Founder of Path of Vision Hellas
Founder of Panthea - spiritual school
Spiritual & intuitive life-path councelor

For over 20 years now I am an alternative therapist, dealing with body, mind and soul in a unique, holistic way, including the energetic part as well.

I look at all the nations and cultures of the world as a big family, which needs to come closer together again, in order for all of us to be able to live in harmony and in balance with nature (the inner and outer nature). We need to respect and to honour nature, we need to respect human rights and we need to live together in peace again.

We carry a huge responsibility towards the gift of life, not only for us, but also for the future generations.
It is time for us to remember who we really are and what we are here for! Our soul is talking with us, but we have forgotten how to listen, as well as we have forgotten to listen to Gaia and to life.
I joined Path of Vision, because its mission deeply resonates within me and reminded me of the call I received years ago, bringing people together, uniting ancient wisdom and ancient roots, in order for every single one of us to remember again, his/her connection with Mother Earth.
We are building bridges, in order to unite all the different cultures, their teachings and their wisdom with our ancient hellenic wisdom, so that the vision of Unity, that we are all connected and one, may be fulfilled.
Languages I speak:
My mother tongue is the hellene language and I also speak English.
For further translations, Nicoletta is supporting me.
I offer:
> Ancient Pythagorian Numerology
> Intuitive & spiritual life path consultations
> (c) our hellenic 4-hands Body session