My name is Nicoletta Argyropoulos and in the following lines

I will tell you a few things about the path.

(c) Photo by N.Argyropoulos; Oktober 2014

I grew up in a multicultural surrounding and since I have
been a child, it was like living in two different worlds. No matter where I grew up,
either in Switzerland or in Hellas, there have always been both cultures in my life
(although there are more roots through my family: Hellenic and Minor Asian roots from my
father's side and ancient Prussian and Hungarian roots from my mother's side).
Keeping the balance, living between these two cultures wasn't always so easy as a child
or teenager and there have been various actions from the outside, which made
it even harder from time to time.
So I guess it's understandable that I kept asking my self
"Why am I a cultural cocktail in this life?"
For some time this question stayed unanswered and
as years passed by, I forgot about it in some way.

Through the years passing by I often found myself in situations, where I somehow came into
the position of building bridges between the Hellenic and the Swiss culture and
through these actions, my unanswered question
showed itself slowly again…. But still no answer near.

For some time I worked as a Flight Attendant.
This job gave me the opportunity of visiting other countries and meeting the local people there.
That was great fun to me and while others went to the city filling their shopping bags,
I spent my time f.e. sitting in a carpet shop in India and
talking with the vendor while drinking some tea.

No matter where I had to travel to, most of the time I was somewhere with the locals.
Even in San Francisco I decided to visit the well known “Hippie-quarter”
and found myself in a quite funny discussion.

It really is fascinating what stories people have to tell, if one is taking the time listening to them
and through all these meetings, several precious stories
and experiences came together.

First journey to AZ, June 22nd 2012 -(c) Nicoletta Argyropoulos

Cultures, traditions, customs, languages, spirituality, etc. ... that has always been of great
interest to me.
Spirituality is something I am dealing and living with for a very long time (actually my whole life)
and self-awareness is very important to me, I spent some time in
visiting different smeninaries and meetings f. ex. .
Through those seminaries I have seen, heard and lived a lot.

And as there are a lot of “things” which do not correspond to my feeling and
sense of balance in every layer of life, I am distancing myself from this
so called esoteric-scene, following my own heart and my own path in life.

Also, it is something absolutely "normal" to me, having certain connections through
dreams, hence I am observing them very precise, making notes about what
and/or whom I saw and what was told, etc.


It was in 2009, when my dreams started to change in a remarkable way....
the became more intensive.
I am calling these kind of dreams, dream-visions and they differ from the other dreams
in intensity, depth and in physical and mental perception. These are the dreams,

where messages, pictures and even smells remain deeply in my memory,
even after waking up.

I wrote them all down and I let them rest.
But when they started to come more often, repeating pictures and messages,
I started to follow their calling.
I received messages from different people, of different regions of America
(from different indigenous people of America).
So I spent several days and nights at the computer, searching for the names of the
various people in my visions, with the result that most of them already had passed on.

So I followed my heart-feeling, searching for somebody who would understand in
his/her heart what I am talking about. For the first time in my life I wrote a quite
personal e-mail to 3 people, telling them about my visions etc. .

Although I had this feeling that, 2 of them, to whom I had written, would not answer,
as they probably will not receive the e-mail or just do not want to answer,
I sent the e-mail to all of them anyway.

After a few days, one of them, named Ruben, answered!
From then on, we kept writing e-mails.

In the course of 2010 I kept receiving this vision, that Ruben should come and
visit Switzerland, in order to share his experiences and his knowledge on the one hand and
on the other also to share
the music, the messages etc. of his culture.
When I told him about this vision and this idea, he agreed to come.

It was in August 2011, when the time had come for the first visit of Ruben,to Switzerland.
My feeling that from that point on, my life would radically change, in some way,
was growing bigger and bigger.

While beeing at the airport, waiting for Ruben's arrival,
a kind of inner peace spread through me and when he finally arrived,
it was like meeting an old friend and brother.

This weekend has brought profound changes for my future life path.
I felt as if I had arrived in myself and I had never felt like this
before in my life.

We only were a little group of people for this first meeting/gathering weekend,
but as it turned out, it was exactly right and fitting for all!

(c) Photo by N.Argyropoulos; September 2014

From then on, one thing led to another.
I followed my message, which was telling me, to join a sweat lodge ceremony,
before the year 2011 comes to an end.

First I didn't pay much of attention to this message, as I was thinking,
that neither I had dealt with it, nor I knew where something like this would
possibly take place here around
(or who would conduct/lead a sweat lodge ceremony).
As time was passing by, this call was getting more and
more intens. So sometime at the end of October I finally asked a very good friend
of mine, if she knew  who is organizing sweat lodge ceremonies and where

and immediately she could name a person.
So I decided to contact her right away and already
the next day I received an answer, that there is going to be a swet lodge
ceremony at the beginning of December. So, quickly I confirmed this date.
Again there was this feeling, that this sweat lodge ceremony would abut
something in my life.

When the day in December arrived I got ready and left.
I was curious about what is going to happen and
I was looking forward to this new adventure and meeting
new people there.

When I arrived at my destination, we welcomed us all warmly and
it was a very warm atmosphere there in the house and between the people,
which I immediately liked very much.

After a while we were all sitting in the sweat lodge and
I already decided that, no matter what would happen now,
I will accept it just the way it is going to be.

During these 4 rounds I saw and felt a lot and I did
receive a clear message
The visions were very clear and they left no questions unanswered.
There it was, right in front of me... the path .... my path and the task
of bringing people and cultures together and thus calling attention to
ones own roots and ancient/old knowledge and wisdom....
This is a main part of my life path.

(c) Photo by N.Argyropoulos; Oktober 2014

This led to the task launching this website and this project!
Because Path of Vision is a project, which brings people and
cultures together as one... in unity. That's why the gatherings
I organize are called "Unity Gathering"!

But this project also needs support and therefore I created an own little shop site
where you can find handmade creations, through which you could help
Path of Vision.Find out more  > here <
Through all of this, new fascinating contacts and friendships
are beeing made and new ideas for more events, workshops, gatherings, etc.
are coming to life.
Now is the time, that we all come together, supporting each other and
learn from each other.
Now is the time of leaving all prejudices behind and getting connected
with each other.
This is a deep call in my heart which I am following, which I have to follow
and who knows where (to what places/or to whom) this will lead me to. :o)
It is time to come together, having ceremonies and prayers for Mother Earth,
for the winds and the water... as all this is sacred.
It is time that we all come together and listen to what
our friends and relations have to share with all of us.
It is time ....
...and the visions continue....

Through all the wonderful meetings, gatherings and workshops the Elders
who spent some time here, showed me that it is time to come forth and stop hiding.
Before, I never held prayers and ceremonies in front of others, I went to the forest or somewhere
else in nature and that was it. Now I do both, cause in the end either alone or let's say in public,
prayers and ceremonies are always an interaction with the Gods and Goddesses, with the Spirit World,
the ancestors, the land, ..... hence through ceremonies and prayers I am serving life itself.
So I'll continue in doing my best, listening to the messages and praying for the five elements
and the whole web of life and also offering workshops in order to spread the word.
And still, I am wandering through the forests or go high up to the mountains or
down to the lake, rivers and streams, put some incenses on and
continue my prayers for the earth and all the elements.

In August 2014 I was called into the WaterSongline Council as a new member.

2015: And the vision goes on:
Right now I am following the call, to find the ones who are still living the old roots
of Europa, the wisdom keepers and the Elders of this part of the world and bring them together.
But this is not an easy task, as many of the elders and wisdom keepers around Europa
are not easily found. But I will keep on observing the signs and listening to messages and
do my best, even if this means getting into my car f. ex. and drive to some place.
So who ever reads this and also received the call in these past days,
please contact me.
The time is now, that we come together in prayers, for ceremonies and exchange!
Supporting life, Mother Earth and humanity as one!

Since May 2015 Iris Delphinia joined Path of Vision as Co-Organizer and
together we are creating new workshops,sessions and more.
Read more > here <

October 2018 brought something exceptional into our path:
Together with Anais Filio from Als Marmarei, on Kea Island, Hellas, 
we are planning the first big Unity Gathering Event in Hellas, in 2020!

So, as a bridge between, and for cultures, humans and life, we are looking forward to
all those new meetings, experiences, teachings,journeys ....and so much more..
in this adventure and journey called:

21st of July 2013 - honouring the sacred waterfall - (c) Nicoletta Argyropoulos

We would love to meet you soon personally! :o)

Love & blessings,
& Iris Delphinia


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