Das Team von Path of Vision - The team of Path of Vision

Founder & organizer of Path of Vision

In 2008/2009 I received several visions... night after night.
They were repeating themselves until the day I said yes to this call.
I followed the trail of signs and the first contact was made.
In 2010/2011 I founded Path of Vision and first meetings, workshops and Unity Gatherings followed.
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I am a psychological-spiritual- energetic counselor. For over 20 years I work with incenses, offering cleansings, individual as well as group workshops, individual mixtures, consultations and more. I follow the call of my soul and received a lot of the higher realms.

Building bridges, reviving ancient knowledge, uniting the cultures of the world through Unity Gatherings, being of service for the Spirit realms,
offering seminaries, lectures and workshops.... these are some parts of my path.

Since Aug. 2014 I was a member of the WaterSongline Council, based in the US, which unfortunately has been disbanded.
I have been initiated and called shaman/high priestess of the sacred mt. Pelion in Hellas (& Hellas).
I am mentioning this as a part of my path, but I am not someone who uses titles.
But I humbly accept and respect them, as I am deeply connected with this area since childhood.

Together with Iris we are the guardians of a sacred place of the spirit-realms on mt. Pelion.
(I respectfully mention, that this has been opened for us through the Okinawan shaman Kazumi)

More about what we offer and where, you can read on the following sites.
Thank you!
Blessings your ways!

Iris Delphinia
Co-Organizer & Co-Founder of Path of Vision Hellas

For 20 years now I am an alternative therapist, dealing with body, mind and soul in a unique, holistic way, including the energetic part as well.
I look at all the nations and cultures of the world as a big family, which needs to come closer together again, in order for all of us to be able to live in harmony and in balance with nature (the inner and outer nature). We need to respect and to honour nature, we need to respect human rights and we need to live together in peace again.
We carry a huge responsibility towards the gift of life, not only for us, but also for the future generations.

It is time for us to remember who we really are and what we are here for! Our soul is talking with us, but we have forgotten how to listen, as well as we have forgotten to listen to Gaia and to life.

I joined Path of Vision, because its mission deeply resonates within me and reminded me of the call I received years ago, bringing people together, uniting ancient wisdom and ancient roots, in order for every single one of us to remember again, his/her connection with Mother Earth.

We are building bridges, in order to unite all the different cultures, their teachings and their wisdom, so that the vision of Unity, that we are all connected and one, may be fulfilled

Ambassador for Path of Vision from Cape Town, South Africa
The divine universe acquainted me with Nicoletta and Iris in Greece, Pelion of July 2017. This had a profound impact on my life as I not only began the journey of self-love but had the privilege of a spiritual awakening, confirmation of my purpose and motivation to continue working with crystals – not only to heal myself but others too.

Before meeting with Nicoletta and Iris, I was in a dark place and severely depressed. I had no sense of self, purpose or will to live. For a long time, I had felt alone, empty inside and not belonging to the earth. I was immersed with feelings of rejection, abandonment and neglect for as long as I can remember. It was only until I started working with Nicoletta and Iris that I realized the universe holds energy and everything I was feeling was being reflected consistently back to me like a mirror even though what I felt was not true. Through gaining confirmation from Nicoletta and Iris that I am a powerful being with a purpose, especially working with crystals did my inner self start to blossom, energy and light entered and all I needed to say was YES and my journey truly began.

Mother nature introduced crystals to me. Interacting with them has given me a sense of belonging and I have learnt to accept the truth about myself through my dreams and crystals. It installs a sense of awe within myself that life can be better. I have come to understand that crystals have not entered my life by accident and that they have become the bread crumbs of finding out who I truly am and that life can be enjoyed, especially through helping others, sending me messages and creating awareness.

I feel grounded to the earth. Crystals have helped me find my voice, boosted my self-esteem and have provided me with the gift of listening to my true self and intuition. I am confident and bolder, eliminating self-consciousness and judgement.

I have learnt to accept myself, love myself and heal myself and others with crystals. They challenge me to look deep within myself, remembering who I am and proudly owning that. They help me to shine and radiate energy, drawing others closer to love me too. They have provided me with wisdom and I have evolved and continue to grow as a result. I am in amazement of the transformation within such a short period of time and I am not the person I was a few months ago. I am not perfect and this is a continuous process but as a result I am truly in love with myself, my father has been cured from Cancer and my sincere gratitude will forever be held within Nicoletta, Iris and my crystals.