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Ambassador for Path of Vision from Cape Town, South Africa
The divine universe acquainted me with Nicoletta and Iris in Greece, Pelion of July 2017. This had a profound impact on my life as I not only began the journey of self-love but had the privilege of a spiritual awakening, confirmation of my purpose and motivation to continue working with crystals – not only to heal myself but others too.

Before meeting with Nicoletta and Iris, I was in a dark place and severely depressed. I had no sense of self, purpose or will to live. For a long time, I had felt alone, empty inside and not belonging to the earth. I was immersed with feelings of rejection, abandonment and neglect for as long as I can remember. It was only until I started working with Nicoletta and Iris that I realized the universe holds energy and everything I was feeling was being reflected consistently back to me like a mirror even though what I felt was not true. Through gaining confirmation from Nicoletta and Iris that I am a powerful being with a purpose, especially working with crystals did my inner self start to blossom, energy and light entered and all I needed to say was YES and my journey truly began.

Mother nature introduced crystals to me. Interacting with them has given me a sense of belonging and I have learnt to accept the truth about myself through my dreams and crystals. It installs a sense of awe within myself that life can be better. I have come to understand that crystals have not entered my life by accident and that they have become the bread crumbs of finding out who I truly am and that life can be enjoyed, especially through helping others, sending me messages and creating awareness.

I feel grounded to the earth. Crystals have helped me find my voice, boosted my self-esteem and have provided me with the gift of listening to my true self and intuition. I am confident and bolder, eliminating self-consciousness and judgement.

I have learnt to accept myself, love myself and heal myself and others with crystals. They challenge me to look deep within myself, remembering who I am and proudly owning that. They help me to shine and radiate energy, drawing others closer to love me too. They have provided me with wisdom and I have evolved and continue to grow as a result. I am in amazement of the transformation within such a short period of time and I am not the person I was a few months ago. I am not perfect and this is a continuous process but as a result I am truly in love with myself, my father has been cured from Cancer and my sincere gratitude will forever be held within Nicoletta, Iris and my crystals.