Santorini 2019
Sept. 15th to Sept. 19th

Interacting with so many people, day after day, there always is one basic message: Having to less time for oneself, in every meaning!
Everyone is rushing around, work-home-work-home, quick and lots of travels without mindfulness, a lot of talking with sometimes even hollow words.... and more.
During those days on the island of Santorini, this will change! Stepping into this retreat fully aware of meeting yourself and
the rhythms of Mother Earth and her fires...... stepping into the transformational shift to become YOU anf finding the place of power within YOU!
Arriving on Sept. the 15th, we will check-in at the Hotel, rest a little and afterwards coming together to meet. We will have our first meditation and
opening ceremony.

From here on we will have 3 beautiful days filled with vibrant energy.
- letting go of the daily pressure of the "to-do-list" and fully arrive in the here and now
- feel your own heart, the flow of your heart, your heartbeat and re-discover your life passion
- taking a bath in the warm springs of the volcano (please note: waters of warm springs may be a bit muddy);
having a meditation "on the volcano" and reconnecting with Mother Earth and the ancient feminine energy; meet
your fire within => find the power place within you!