Founder & organizer of Path of Vision

In 2008/2009 I received several visions... night after night.
They were repeating themselves until the day I said yes to this call.
I followed the trail of signs and the first contact was made.
In 2010/2011 I founded Path of Vision and first meetings, workshops and Unity Gatherings followed.
(full story > here < )

I am a psychological-spiritual- energetic counselor. For over 20 years I work with incenses, offering cleansings, individual as well as group workshops, individual mixtures, consultations and more. I follow the call of my soul and received a lot of the higher realms.

Building bridges, reviving ancient knowledge, uniting the cultures of the world through Unity Gatherings, being of service for the Spirit realms,
offering seminaries, lectures and workshops.... these are some parts of my path.

Since Aug. 2014 I was a member of the WaterSongline Council, based in the US, which unfortunately has been disbanded.
I have been initiated and called shaman/high priestess of the sacred mt. Pelion in Hellas (& Hellas).
I am mentioning this as a part of my path, but I am not someone who uses titles.
But I humbly accept and respect them, as I am deeply connected with this area since childhood.

Together with Iris we are the guardians of a sacred place of the spirit-realms on mt. Pelion.
(I respectfully mention, that this has been opened for us through the Okinawan shaman Kazumi)

Languages I can hold retreats, Workshops and consultations:
German, Swiss German, English, Hellenic language (= with some support of Iris Delphina)

Thank you!
Blessings your ways!

I offer - Ich biete:

- Energieanpassung -- Energy adaption

- Heiliger Rauch -- sacred incenses

- Zeremonien -- Ceremonies