A mountain, a source of high energy, a power place and a sacred place, not known by many.

I have been blessed for having family roots on mt. Pelion and since childhood I spend as much time there as possible. Its power, energy, its soul together with all its spirits are very familiar to me. It is a mountain which speaks, cleanses and which is full of vibrating energy. This energy can be very challanging for some. Mt. Pelion has its very own ancient energy-vortex, due to untouched inner sources and a person who is not open and ready for this energy of transformation, will have an intense experience there. The mountain is unique and can emit unconditional kindness and it can show unbelievable beauty. But he can also be a strong and tough teacher and healer.

I am deeply connected with this mountain and enjoyed many moments of ceremonies, prayers, meditation and walks on and with him.
Mt. Pelion connects and becomes one with the Aegean Sea on the one side and on its south side it connects with the Pagasitic Golf.
Its ancient power is clearly felt on the side of the Aegean Sea.

Having the possibility of spending some time in this sacred area, is a great oportunity for oneself, as everything starts, exists and lies within us.
A while ago we were called to stay some time on this mountain and we followed the calling and stayed.
It was an intense time of transformation for us and towards its end it was Chiron who appeared (at this point I will not write something about this vision) and we received an important message and an initiation through him.
A short while after this we were also initiated as guardians of this sacred region and as spiritual guides and guardians we offer some special retreats there.

picture 2017 (c) by Path of Vision

We coorperate with friends who are the owners of traditional guesthouses, thus we know exactly where to go with our groups.
As in all other sacred areas of this world, same protocol of respect and mindfulness counts here as well.

More about our offers soon!
2019 will be the year to step forth into your very own source of power. Come and join us on mt. Pelion
in May/June 2019.