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"If we can't protect the Earth, can't protect the sky;
if we can't protect our sacred sites, then we've failed the world."
~Jewell Praying Wolf James, Lummi

All around the world one can find ancient teachings and wisdom keepers amongst our brothers and sisters of indigenous people (and down the line we all are indigenous). Everywhere one can find sacred sites, which are so very much important, even and especially today. There are the ones who are protecting those sacred sites and places, honour and cherisch them. We feel that those sacred sites and places are energy points, which are all connected with each other and create a sacred net of energy around our Mother Earth. People may destroy them in a physical form, but they can never ever destroy their energy.
There are special and sacred places with petroglyphs, temples and pyramids, standing stones, geolyphs, and many more.
As we are following our call in Hellas, building bridges with other cultures from around the world, uniting the ancient wisdom, so that we all come together as one, we received a dream about sacred spots around mount Pelion. Of course, there are many sacred sites throughout Hellas, with some very famous temples like Delphi. But what about mount Pelion, which is also known as the summer residence of the Gods and Goddesses?!
We are walking our talking, following the ancient trail of the mountain, listening carefully to the whispers of the mountain, the spirits, the Gods & Goddesses, the ocean....
We are here to revive our sacred sites, protecting them and sharing their teachings and their stories.
In 2017 we were initiated in being the protectors/ guardians of a sacred energy spot on the mountain, which is a gate between the world of the humans and the spirit-world. We passed the test and were welcomed of the spirits, of the place there.

For some first little impressions of the unique sacred mountain, have a look here
at this newly made video
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And another amazing video > click <

You want to find out  more? Don’t hesitate and come and join us on one of our sharings, workshops, tours and ceremonies on mount Pelion, including also other famous, sacerd sites of Hellas.

We are welcoming you!

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September - Septembre

Sacred-Harmony-Retreat on Kea island/Hellas
> Transformation through the hidden message of the hellenic alphabet <
8.-13.Sept. 2018

The Hellenic Alphabet is far more than only an Alphabet. Since the day of its creation,
there lies a hidden message, an ancient prayer-invocation in it, which only appears if the
alphabet is being recited correctly.
It is like a chant and it has a deep effect on us and within us. Every single letter has a
vibration and its very own meaning, which can resonate with our energy system. It can
transform old energy structures, blockages, heavy energy, and more. It makes our cells
sing and shine again.
Pythagoras could hear the harmony (music) of the celestial sphere thus we are talking
about a language which has to do with the flow of the universe.
The Ancient Greek language is the only one that is not based on the fact that some
people just sat down and agreed to call an object 'x' or 'y' like all other sterile world
languages. The Greek language is a mathematical masterpiece. The 4 sister
sciences, by Pythagoras were: Numbers (Mathematics); Figures (Geometry);
Music (Harmony); Astronomy.
The forgotten wisdom is, that the Greek (Hellenic) Alphabet is the beginning of


During those 3 days, we will go deep into the ancient Hellenic alphabet and combine it
with according prayers and ceremonies. We will visit the ancient temple of the Goddess
Athena and have a cleansing ceremony in the waters of the Aegean Sea.
During all those days the blissful harp-music of the enchanting music artist and harpist,
Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa, will accompany us and you will learn more about the ancient
music of the harp, during ancient Hellas; it was called Lyra.

Through the unique harp-music in combination with the ancient Hellenic energies all
around you, you will get into contact how music can connect you with the divine within
you and around you.
This workshop might just have the power of opening your energy flow and show you a
new side of the Light-Consciousness, helpful in these demanding days we live in.
Plus, it is an honour to combine two ancient cultures; the Japanese and the Hellenic (=


Journey information:
- Book your flight to the international airport of Athens accordingly, to be there on Sept. the 8th and
your return flight for the 13th of September.
- leaving the airport with the minivan(s) to the harbour of Lavrio
- taking the ship (costs around 50,- Euros p.p.; will be payed directly at the harbour) and in 1h arriving at
the island of Kea
- there we will have a short drive to the according private bungalow hotel we cooperate with

Short program overview:
On the day of arrival – 8th of September – we will have the short journey to Kea islands, Hotel
Check-in, introduction, evening meditation and welcoming dinner.
Each day we will have 3 to 4 hours workshop and lunch at the bungalow-retreat area and in the
afternoon meditation, visits of the ancient temple, the Aegean Sea, ceremonies, sunset meditation.
1 day will be a free day where everyone can go and visit the beach, go for sightseeing, book a
private ancient Hellenic 4-hands-healing touch session, and much more….
Detailed program after registration!
Information about the organizers:
Nicoletta is the founder and organizer of Path of Vision. She is a psychologica-spiritual-energetic
counselor. Plus, for over 20 years she works with incenses, offering cleansings, individual as well as
group workshops, individual mixtures, consultations and more. Nicoletta follows her call, receives
messages of the higher realms and holds ceremonies when called to do so.
Iris Delphinia is the Co-founder of Path of Vision Hellas and Co-Organizer. For over 20 years she
is an alternative therapist, dealing with body mind and soul in a unique, holistic way, including the
energetic part as well. She looks at all the nations and cultures of the world as a big family, which
needs to come closer together again, in order for all of us to be able to live in harmony and in
balance with nature.
After Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa has studied the Medieval music (Singing, Harp playing and the
theory) in Basel, she moved to Italy to study the Baroque harp and finished her study with Master's
diploma. Now she works as an early harpist in Europe and Japan.
For this workshop, she uses the medieval harp with Pythagorean tuning.

The retreat will be held by Iris Delphinia (lyrics, chanting, hellenic alphabet wisdom, meditation,
sessions) together with Nicoletta Argyropoulos (support, hellenic ceremonies, sharings,
And with lovely musical support and Know-how of Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa.
Language: English (if translator needed there will be a fee of 120,-Euro per person)
Send your registration to: path-of-vision@gmx.ch
Send your registration until August the 8th.

Retreat-package fee:
2600,- Euro
The package fee includes: Hotel incl. breakfast, daily freshly cooked dinner, 2 women for
all day support at the retreat bungalow, workshop fees, rental cars (+ street taxes + gas)
We are looking forward in meeting you!
Lots of love & blessings,
Iris & Nicoletta

Oktober - October

1. Retreat-Daten: 1.Okt. - 5. Okt. 2018
2. Retreat-Daten: 8.Okt. - 12. Okt. 2018

Sept. auf Anfrage!

Kleine Programm-Übersicht (Veränderungen/Anpassungen möglich)

Wir gehen nach innen; besuchen unser inneres Zentrum; verbinden uns mit Mutter Erde und
ihrem inneren Feuer; besuchen den Vulkan & die heilenden warmen Quellen; wir heilen uns, um unsere Beziehungen (zu uns, wie auch zu unseren Mitmenschen) mitheilen zu können; was ist die Botschaft des inneren Feuers; geniessen ein reinigendes Bad in den warmen Quellen und gehen neu gestärkt ins Leben zurück; Meditation im Sonnenuntergang; Körper-Ausgleichs-4-Hand-Behandlung; Sich frei fühlen- sich fühlen - fühlen.
Die Frage ist: Bist Du bereit loszulassen? Alte Gedankenmuster, Ängste, Vorurteile, Erwartungen, Selbst-Kritik, Selbst-Zweifel, u.ä. zu verabschieden?
Und natürlich erfreuen wir uns auch am Inselleben….
Interessiert? Schnell anmelden, da die Saison noch im Okt. Sehr aktiv ist in Santorini.

Das Wochenpaket beinhaltet: Hotel, Workshop, Teilnahmezertifikat, Mietauto (Benzin & Fahrerpauschale (50,-p.P.) sind nicht inkl.)
Paket: 1545,- Eur im DZ (EZ auf Anfrage)
Schiffsfahrt zu den Thermalquellen & zum Vulkan wird direkt vor Ort gezahlt. Zwischen 30,- bis max. 50,- Eur.

Anmeldefrist: 23. Juni 2018
Mindestteilnehmer: 5 Personen

Nach Deiner Anmeldung erhälst Du eine Anmeldebestätigung inkl. weiterer Informationen.

Wo: Santorini, Hellas
1. – 5.Okt & 8. – 12.Okt 2018
Leiterinnen: Nicoletta & Iris

Sprachen: Deutsch/Englisch & Griechisch (es wird übersetzt)

1st retreat dates: 1st of Oct. to 5th of Oct. 2018
2nd retreat dates: 8th of Oct. to 12th of Oct. 2018

Buchungen ab Zürich (ZRH) direkt nach Santorini (JTR) möglich.
Bei folgender Airlines:

Gerne organisieren wir auch für Sie ihren eigenen Workshop in Hellas. Wir organisieren für Sie: Anreise & Abreise, Übernachtungen (in Absprache), Mietauto, evtl. Ausflüge, u.ä. .
Wir erhalten unseren Anteil als Organisatoren und sie alle geniessen ihren Aufenthalt vor Ort.

Note: If you would like to have your own workshop on mount Pilion, that's also possible! Just get into contact with us and we talk about the details, organizing arrival and departure, as well as the hotel. We will get our part for the organization and you will enjoy your stay on the sacred mountain.

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Dann erhalten Sie mehr Informationen und wir können alles weitere besprechen.
Herzlichen Dank!
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If you wish to support this project and its ambitions through donating or sponsoring,
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Then you will get more information and we can talk about further particulars.
Thank you!