Sacred Harmony Retreat Appenzell - Switzerland
May 13th to May 17th 2019
> Find your own frequency through the hidden message in the Hellenic Alphabet <

The Hellenic Alphabet is far more than only an Alphabet.
Since the day of its creation, there lies a hidden message, an ancient prayer-invocation in it,
which only appears if the alphabet is being recited correctly.
It is like a mantra, having a deep effect on us and within us.
Every single letter has a vibration with its very own meaning,
which can resonate with our energy system.
It can transform old energy structures, blockages, heavy energy, and more.
It makes our cells sing and shine again.
Pythagoras could hear the harmony (music) of the celestial sphere thus 
we are talking about a language which has to do with the flow of the universe.
The Ancient Greek/Hellenic language is the only one that is not based on the fact
that some people just sat down and agreed to call an object 'x' or 'y' like all other sterile world languages​​.
The Greek language is a mathematical masterpiece
The 4 sister sciences, by Pythagoras were:
Numbers (Mathematics); Figures (Geometry); Music (Harmony); Astronomy.
The forgotten wisdom is, that the Greek (Hellenic) Alphabet is the beginning of everything!

During those 3 days, we will go deep into the ancient Hellenic alphabet and combine it with according prayers and ceremonies.
We will visit the ancient giant, one of the mountains of the Alps, called Säntis, enjoying your tea/coffee with an overwhelming view there.
And have a cleansing ceremony at one of the smaller mountain lakes of the Swiss mountains – a powerplace which is well-known for its
vibrant energy.
During all those days the blissful harp-music of the enchanting music artist and harpist, Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa,
will accompany us and you will learn more about the ancient music of the harp, during ancient Hellas; it was called Lyra.
Through the unique harp-music in combination with the ancient Hellenic energies,
you will get into contact how music can connect you with the divine within you and the divine around you.
This workshop might just have the power of opening your energy flow and
show you a new side of the Light-Consciousness, helpful in these demanding days we live in.
Plus, it is an honour to combine two ancient cultures; the Japanese and the Hellenic (= Greek).
Note: This will be the last chance of visiting Appenzell in combination with this retreat.
Limited registrations (for 6 people),
therefore you might decide quickly, if you wish to join.
Short program overview:
> On the day of arrival – 13th of May – we will have the Hotel Check-in,
introduction, evening meditation and welcoming dinner.
Each day we will have 3 to 4 hours workshop
> 1 day we will visit the ancient giant, called Säntis, with an overwhelming view!
> The rest of the day will be your free day where you can enjoy the area,
do some sightseeing, hiking,
book a private ancient Hellenic 4-hands-healing touch session, and much more…
Detailed program after your registration.
Information about the organizers:
is the founder and organizer of Path of Vision.
She is a psychologica-spiritual-energetic counselor.
Plus, for over 20 years she works with incenses, offering cleansings, individual as well as group workshops,
individual mixtures, consultations and more. Nicoletta follows her call,
receives messages of the higher realms and holds ceremonies when called to do so.
Iris Delphinia
is the Co-founder of Path of Vision Hellas and Co-Organizer.
For over 20 years she is an alternative therapist, dealing with body mind and soul in a unique,
holistic way, including the energetic part as well. She looks at all the nations and cultures of the world as a big family,
which needs to come closer together again, in order for all of us to be able to live in harmony and in balance with nature.
After Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa has studied the Medieval music (Singing, Harp playing and the theory) in Basel, 
she moved to Italy to study the Baroque harp and finished her study with Master's diploma.
Now she works as an early harpist in Europe and Japan.
For this workshop, she uses the medieval harp with Pythagorean tuning.
The retreat will be held by Iris Delphinia (lyrics, chanting, Hellenic alphabet wisdom, meditation, sessions)
together with Nicoletta Argyropoulos (support, Hellenic ceremonies, sharings, sessions).

And with lovely musical support and Know-how of Mrs. Mikari Shibukawa.
Language: English

(if translator besides me needed there will be a fee of 170, - Swiss Francs per person)
Send your registration to:
Registration until April the 8th.
Retreat-package fee:

2265,- Swiss Francs

The package fee includes:
Hotel incl. breakfast, workshop fees, driver fee, rental car (+ street taxes + gas),
cable car ticket to mt. “Säntis” or “Hoher Kasten”

We are looking forward in meeting you!
Lots of love & blessings,
Iris & Nicoletta
& Mikari Shibukawa