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This video, of the 25th of Sept., is in english.

This video of the 13th of October is in english.

I took this video on January the 21st 2018 and it's in english.

Kurz- Video zum Räuchern 11.3.2018

Sunset Meditation at Cape Sounio - One part of our Hellas-Retreat-Tours - Sacred journes!

Path of Vision - Wir sind; Das Netz des Lebens; Was bieten wir an und warum; Die Natur; Erdenwissen; und mehr
Es gäbe noch viel mehr zu sagen über die Veränderungen in der Welt, über Vernetzungen, usw. usf., doch
dann wäre das Video endlos geworden ;o)
tsche Version

Path of Vision - We are; What do we offer and organize and why; Nature; Earth-Wisdom; and more
There is much more to be shared,about all the changes around us, but videos do have a limited range of time ;o)
English Version

Severe weather conditions, wild fires, heavy rains and floods, significant loss of the glaciers, wild fires in the North and the South and in the US. , waters are disappearing, high temperatures...... seems like things are speeding up..... Observe the signs around you ....